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Horticultural LED Grow Lights from GrowthStar

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GrowthStarLED.com: Indoor Gardening with LED Grow Lights

Currently, a good percentage of the food we eat is grown in hothouses and is often supplemented with electric lighting to artificially extend flowering season. These supplemental lighting systems often consist of metal halide or high-pressure sodium, HID(high-intensity discharge) lamps, that are for the most part, are very inefficient supplying proper spectrum required for all stages of plant development.

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While LED lighting has been around for almost a decade now, advancements in horticultural applications (growing different types of plants) is only now, with recent advancements (in output in lumen per watt, as well as availability of UV, IR and other LEDs in "non-lighting" spectrum), reached commercial viability.

At GrowthStarLED.com, we firmly believe that LED is a safe, energy-efficient and cost-effective alternative for a multitude of indoor gardening and horticultural applications. All of the LED lighting systems we feature on this site have been thoroughly tested by our team of experts and either meet or exceed our high standards - test results for our featured products can be viewed on our blog page.

We look forward to bringing you many more great articles and useful information about growing with LED lighting. Stop by our new online store at cobgrowlights.com. Thanks for visiting, and we hope that you'll check back regularly for updates!

— The GrowthStar Team