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GrowthStarLED.com - Choosing 1 watt, 3 W or 5 W LEDs for LED grow lights


Choosing 1 watt, 3 W or 5 W LEDs for LED grow lights

While searching for LED grow lights you will find three common types of LEDs: large arrays of 1 W LEDs, clusters of 3 W LEDs and some models feature 5 W LEDs.

1 W LEDs are well-suited for shelf growing, or crops like lettuce and spinach and other various herbs green leafy herbs, can only be inches away from the light source. 1 W LEDs evenly spaced on aluminum substrates offer medium priced indoor hydroponic lighting solutions.

One watt, LED Growbars


3 W HB (high brightness) LEDs

3 W LEDs dominate today’s grow lights for good reason, these incredibly bright, ultra efficient,LEDs deliver intense and focused, spectrum specific “digital sunlight”

PowerBloom uses 3 watt LED modules


5 watt LEDs have excellent horticultural applications, where lights need to be mounted up to 20 feet above growing area. 5 W LEDs run extremely high temperatures, proper thermal management is quite challenging with these larger high powered arrays.

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