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GrowthStarLED.com - LEDs for Supplemental Lighting of Houseplants


LEDs for Supplemental Lighting of Houseplants

LED lights seem to give off a “digital sunlight”, different from normal light sources, in that the light wave itself carries no heat with it. Light from the LED remains cool, preventing tissue damage that would normally occur from UV and IR light spectrum from conventional light sources.

Recently I noticed a large ivy vine, I’ve had for four or five years now, was starting to drop leaves and really had no signs of new growth. I utilized a LED PAR38  17 W spotlight, in a fixture approximately 15 feet across from the plant.

Within the first few days of the supplemental LED lighting, the plant begun to show new signs of life, now eight weeks later, full shoots of new growth have appeared.


In my kitchen, I currently have the remainder of my “once mighty houseplants collection”, huddled around the one window, with one supplemental 8 W LED bulb.

Both the 17 W spotlight and the 8 W LED bulb, are not grow bulbs, they are warm white in temperature or 3000° Kelvin. Warm white provides enough spectrum range, to supplement natural light sources.LED bulbs and spotlights that are designed for growing may be too powerful or expensive, warm white LED offers an inexpensive alternative for home and garden.


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