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More GrowthStar PowerBloom plus Feedbak

Just thought I would give you an update on the grow LED units I bought from
you a couple of months ago.
They seem to be working extremely well and the plants are thriving.
Whilst most medical grow ops close down in the summer I have been able to
keep the temperatures down to an acceptable level.
The photo attached shows the setup. I had to add 2 sets of CFL lamps at the
footprint corners just to make sure the lux levels were up there.
Both of the lamp units have 2 CFL’s in each unit, 1 4700k and I 6500k rated
at 100w each, this gives both the blue and the red frequencies.
This photo shows the setup immediately after starting, about 3 weeks ago,
the plants are now up to the SCROG screen.


ThanksĀ  for the update, feel free to report on you’re success!

GrowthStar team.

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