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What are 730nm Night Treatments?

What are 730nm night treatments? For most strains of marijuana to flower, a 12 hour night cycle is required before plants will begin their flowering phase. Indoor cultivators have been experimenting with light cycles right from the beginning, artificially dictating the length of growing and flowering seasons.730nm Night treatments can shorten nights or extend days,


How many watts does the 8 module PowerBloom plus LED grow light use?

The specs say 270w, but how can this be if we have 120 LEDs @3w we would have 360w + fans I guessed at 400w per unit on an 8 module? James.   Many manufacturers use this misleading spec. The reality is a single 3W can input 750MA in theory,we will always quote Wattage on


Do LED Grow Lights burn the plant if they get to close?

There is nothing worse than burning beautiful buds, just because they got to close to the lights. Do LED grow lights burn plants like metal halide? Here are some recent shots from a crop that was finished under GrowthStar “PowerBloom plus” LED Grow lights. When plants came within 6 inches or less, a whitening or