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GrowthStarLED.com - How many watts does the 8 module PowerBloom plus LED grow light use?


How many watts does the 8 module PowerBloom plus LED grow light use?

The specs say 270w, but how can this be if we have 120 LEDs @3w we would have 360w + fans I guessed at 400w per unit on an 8 module? James.  

Many manufacturers use this misleading spec. The reality is a single 3W can input 750MA in theory,we will always quote Wattage on what our grow lights actual power consumption is


Growthstar Input current:700ma(lower than the theoretical value to prolong the LED lifespan),
as we known, all imitation & old style  3W series lights input 580-630ma (our old 3W series all input 630ma), the input current mainly limited by heat dissipation design.
so you find most of the brands wont show their input current to buyers.they only  say their LED watts, like LED watts 60*3W,they wont say the actual power.
Excellent heat dissipation design is one of Growthstar lights’ advantages.so Growthstar lights are the highest input current grow light at present.
so you can be confident to say this to your customers,they will make a comparison themself.
Why the actual power is lower?because
Voltage:Red/orange:2.6-2.7V,Blue/white/UV:3.6-3.8V(input 700ma)
so 3W Red/orange actual power:1.82-1.89W  Blue/white/UV:2.52W-2.66W
then the whole lamp watts need to divide by electrical property coefficient (0.88),that is the final actual power for a light.
“Growthstar Manufacturer”
Thanks for the great question James!

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