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GrowthStarLED.com - GrowthStar PowerBloom plus, User Review Feb 2014


GrowthStar PowerBloom plus, User Review Feb 2014

here is a recent submission from one of our happy customers:

Closet LED Grow

At the time I ordered my first PowerBloom Plus 8 light, I had ordered it to replace the HPS lights I was using to flower one square meter; in which I was only growing a single 4 foot tall Afghani Landrace plant… since then my business partner and I changed some things around, and I no longer have to do any flowering for “commercial” purposes anymore, so I moved  into a small 12 foot deep(long), 5 foot wide, 8 foot tall room I had been using for vegging previously….

Plants seem to love the LEDs

Plants seem to love the LEDs

Not knowing ANYTHING about LED’s, other than they were MOST LIKELY the future of medical and all other cannabis cultivation for that matter, I promptly started another batch of seedlings and stuck them under my PowerBloom Plus8 to veg.  LOL  Yes I know this isn’t a “veg” light, but as I was a little unsure about LED’s and whether they would work for my setup, I spent my money on the flowering model seen as how that’s the most important time period..

luckily for me, and partly because I’m always cautious, I used some free seeds for the test… well the seeds germinated normally, but were all bonsai looking… fully formed, had all the leaves etc., but were stunted.. I put it to the fact that i had IGNORED the instructions, thinking I knew better and that LED’s were “weak”  I had placed the poor seedlings only inches away from the led like I would my T-5′s  LOL

Back to the drawing board.. I read the instructions and noticed I should have the light about a meter above, not inches, so I started a new batch of my coco-soil mix, and ordered some seeds from OSSC….

DNA genetics has a new line of limited edition seeds, only 2000 available of each strain.. I had ordered a few of them, and one of them in particular was of huge interest, as it claimed it could be a possible record breaker for indoor harvest at up to 2-3 pounds per each 1000 watt light!  Massive!!!  lol anyways I went to order more, but THEY WERE SOLD OUT ALREADY!!!  Kush Dream its called.. a hybrid cross of Blue Dream x Capt Krypt O.G.  well in looking through my old seeds, I still had one left!!!  sweet!  not knowing whether it was a female or not, as it came from a regular seed, I figured either way I would use it for breeding.. But as was my luck it turned out female!!!


Flowering under PowerBloom plus

Flowering under PowerBloom plus



This is a list of the strains I will be using as my test strains IMAG1111

DNA Genetics “Kush Dreams” blue dreams and o.g. kush Reserva Privada “Tora Bora”… which is a cross of a landrace Afghani with a landrace Pakistani… I was interested in growing a full 100% landrace sativa, so I have from OSSC-  “Pure Africa”  a landrace strain originating from Africa When I hatched my last of seeds, I kept the biggest and fastest growing “Green Crack” seedling from Humbolt Seed Organization.. Oh, cant forget about mom.. Im growing her a Avocado plant for homemade guacamole (?)  lol


I do buy all my seeds from OSSC Original Sensible Seed Company…. They have a great selection of marijuana seeds, as well as the same awesome customer service I receive from you guys!  I get a great discount from them, as well as free seeds with every order!

At the time of theses first round of pictures, I hadn’t yet received my last two lights I ordered from you guys, so the setup in the following pics is as follows…..

the overall room is lit by your average set of CFL lights, like what you would use to light a small garage, or plant nursery… only two lights, 58 watts each.. so the entire room is lit by 100 watts of T-12 lights…. In the center of the room, is a 600 watt HPS with a digital ballast running on superlux, or 25% overdrive so basically 700 watts HPS…. in the back corner of the room, i have what used to be a indoor greenhouse frame setup you can buy at your local hardware store.. this is my “nursery rack”  it has a 4-bank T-5 light sitting on the top rack shining light onto the lower racks where I usually germinate my seeds and let them veg a bit… In between the HPS in the center of the room, and the t-5 setup on the back wall, is my PowerBloom Plus8

In this current configuration, I have as mentioned above.. a 2 foot  tall Tora Bora (clone), Pure Africa &Green Crack seedlings, moms Avocado plant, 9 autoflower’s and the Kush Dreams…. The Kush Dreams plant is in a rectangular 10 gallon blue tote with drainage holes drilled in the bottom of it… The two seedlings are in orange Home Depot 5 gallon buckets, with the same holes drilled in the bottom and sides for drainage, the 9 autoflowers are in black, square, 3 gallon pots.. The Kush Dreams sits DIRECTLY under the LED.. thinking about it, the tote is actually about the same size as the LED 8… I wasn’t sure about the spread angle of the light, and wanted the K.D. to get the majority of the LED light spectrum as that is the main test plant for resins and tars, crystals etc etc…The rest of the plants, including the 9 autoflowers are lit by the 600 watt HPS in the center of the room, as well as the white spectrum light from the CFL lighting the main room… it doesn’t seem like the CFL would add much, but even with the HPS and LED on, I can still see the light spectrum and intensity change when i turn it on & off….That being said.. the Tora Bora and the two seedlings still receive a good portion of the LED light.. especially the Tora Bora…

I can tell already in only 2-3 weeks of having the led in there with the 600 watt HPS that the plants LOVE the PowerBloom Plus 8 SO MUCH MORE then the HPS… as evidenced by the fact that the leaves on the Tora Bora plant constantly orient themselves toward it and lean to face it EVEN THOUGH THEIR DIRECTLY UNDER THE 600 WATT HPS!!!    every morning when I get up and go check the room, the leaves are always facing the LED and I turn them 180 degrees to ensure that both sides get equal amounts of light…

I got on the phone and called the guys at LED Canada and ordered two more PowerBloom Plus 8 models to replace the HPS!!!  lol

Well, I look forward to documenting this grow… not only for myself, but  for my business partner, who is still convinced HPS and lots of them is the way to go.. LOL

We’ve recently been assured that our application for Licensed Producer in Canada under the new MMPR program for commercial licensing will be approved, and were in the process of putting together a business plan for a huge warehouse grow

I’ve been trying to explain to him that DESPITE the initial high cost of buying a LED which is what kept me away for so long, the benefits MORE than outweigh the initial cost…

for instance… because my room is so small, when I used to run both my HPS lights in there, I also had to run a portable a.c. unit just to keep the temps down… and that was even with a 6″ inline fan I had installed at the top of the room for exhaust… since switching to the LED, I not only have been able to remove the portable a.c. unit from the room, thereby giving me more room to plant more plants if i wish as i have a 73 plant count limit  lol, but i no longer even have to run the exhaust vent either!!!!

So I can only imagine that with a 40-100 light setup in a warehouse… the temps are gonna be crazy expensive to cool.. Whether we go with a bunch of industrial exhaust fans, use industrial a.c. etc etc  its gonna cost a fortune…

I’m not saying it’s even hard, plenty of growers grow on large and even larger scales then us with no problems… but every penny spent on cooling, or any other maintenance item for that matter is taking away from profits!!!

So anyways cheers to the GrowthStar  PowerBloom Plus 8!!!  I think my other two LED’s will be here in a day or two, when they get here, Ill send more pics with the updated light configuration and plant pics!!!

Some of the pics I have props in them for people to be able to have an idea of the size of things comparatively… for instance, in the pics of the Kush Dreams stems, which I took to show how unbelievably short distance between the nodes since switching to PowerBloom Plus 8, I use a ruler and or a measuring tape to show the distances, sizes and measurements of things… PLEASE PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE NAMES AND PLACES ON THEM, I AM NOT AFFILIATED WITH THEM, NOR AM I ADVERTISING THE COMPANIES DISPLAYED ON THEM.. they were the only things i had around  LOL

I look forward to updating you on the future success of things!!!  If its not too expensive, I will be sending samples off to someone to sample for THC & CBD ratios etc.. as well as a full cannabinoid profile and flavonoid profile if possible for testing and comparison…

Because of the high definition(or lack of it) in the pictures from my cell phone, I MIGHT have to send the pictures in two or more emails

And check out this recent update, mere months later!

Bro… I went from 1600 watts hid, to 3 x 278W powerbloom plus led’s

Power bill is at least $150-$200 CHEAPER

My buds are just as big, so far no one has complained

In fact, I’ve been getting compliments on the freaking autoflowers I grew. Lol

Other ones haven’t harvested yet…

But if looks could get you high, I’d be overdosed on thc. Lmfao

Here’s a few pics from last week of some of my plants

This one here is called “Pure Africa”  it’s from the mountains of Kenya I think… It’s ONLY week 7 of 12… But already packing on crystal to put white widow to shame.




Cambridge, Ontario Canada….

no problem with flower size and LED

no problem with flower size and LED

sweet at only 7 weeks

sweet at only 7 weeks

IMAG1094 IMAG1111

Thanks for that amazing submission, please keep us updated!


GrowthStar team…


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