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GrowthStarLED.com - Are MCOB LED Grow Lights Better than 3 watt or 5 watt LED Arrays?


Are MCOB LED Grow Lights Better than 3 watt or 5 watt LED Arrays?

The real task for LED Growlights or any Horticultural lighting system is to blend the required spectrum without hotspots or UV and IR heat stroke. In the early days arrays were Red and Blue as other spectrum were hard to manufacture. 3 watt LED have been used very successfully for almost a decade now, 5 watt LEDs offered more power but limited the spectrum blending ability.

The newest type of LED Grow light, MCOB LEDs provide the high light levels needed (umol) and in the spectrum the plants require for unbridled growth.

Lets look at the ‘Visible’ color spectrum and what plants require for photosynthesis.


We can only see small part of the wavelengths know as visible light.

3 watt LED Arrays have dominated the LED grow-light industry for almost a decade, evolving from red and blue, to 7 different LEDs each with own specific spectrum. The VegMax below used 3 watt, driven hard with 700MA.  Next generation LED Grow lights starting to use COB (Chips on board) and now MCOB (Multiple Chips on Board)

GrowthStar PowerBloom Plus

PowerBloom Plus with 7 LEDs in specific ratio for Flowering

3 watt LEDs where the best available for many years.

3 watt LEDs where the best available for many years.

GrowthStar Spider 4x

100 watt MCOB LEDs are replacing 3 and 5 watt LED technology

What is MCOB? Multiple Chip on Board is a manufacturing process were the LEDs  (Gallium Nitrate Crystals) are bonded directly to a heatsink. What that means is more LEDs per square inch without thermal meltdown. Each chip is connected with a microns thin gold wire and coated with Phosphorous film to create correct Target PAR* spectrum. *PAR stands for Photosynthetic Active Radiation.

cob LED

Chips on Board with yellow phosphor for 4000k white light


Spectrum plants use in all stages of growth


growthstar spider 4x

PAR readings from MCOB Spider 4X


Growthstar Spider MCOB Grow light

MCOB LED chip close up

LED Technology known as MCOB

LED Technology known as MCOB



4x100watt MCOB Spider Grow Light from GrowthStar, low cost, high output LED Horticultural lights

GrowthStar Spider 4x glow

Perfectly blended with no hotspots


The newest trend in horticulture lights for medical MJ are MCOB LED grow Lights, with no Mercury, they are perfect for Medicinal crops. See our facebook page for the LED #MMJ Trials

GrowthStar Spider 4x

Replacing HPS in #MMJ facilities

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