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Introducing the Scorpion COB Grow Light


Growthstar Introduces its 600 and 1000 watt HPS replacement specifically for Cannabis / Marijuana, the Scorpion Series LED COB Grow light.


Standard COB emitters from the big name brands are designed for one thing only, lighting for human comfort and tasking. 2700k to 10,000k might be great for lighting a warehouse but plants prefer an almost opposite spectrum to humans.

eye plant PAR graph


Its all in our phosphors


All COB LED chips use high output blue LED as the main light source, the trick is how to convert the blue light to a mix of colors or spectrum that Cannabis thrives under. This proprietary phosphor coating is what sets us apart from all other COB (Chip on Board) grow lights.


1000-watt “High Pressure Sodium” or HPS have long been the standard for indoor horticulture, but were not originally designed for indoor gardening, it simply provided the highest Lumen out put for each watt of electricity inputted. Over time advances of the HPS for horticulture have helped keep HPS retain its place in indoor gardens across the world, but since the emergence of LED, the Mercury based HPS bulbs days are numbered.

hps spectrum

Standard HPS Srectrum


Scorpion grow spectrum



Let’s Compare:

HPS 1000 watt: actual draw- up to 1250 watts at the wall, recommended coverage 4×4

. Bulb temperature 3 times hotter than the sun.

Even the best HPS cannot provide the peak levels in the PAR zone and can produce over 1000x the green and other spectrum the plant can never utilize.


Scorpion 9x 550 watt: Actual draw – 550 watts (at the wall), recommended coverage 4×4

Emitter temperature: below 45 degrees Celsius, or just over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Spectrum is crafted specifically for cannabis production, spectra like UV and IR are included only at small percentages based on plants requirements.


Side by side testing is proving better flower formation and potency under Scorpion, with slight improved overall weight as well.


Keeping daytime temperatures below 80 degrees Fahrenheit is key to producing highest quality flowers, HPS requires massive air conditioning and bulb cooling systems just to keep plants from cooking under HID lighting (HID “High Intensity Discharge” includes MH “Metal Halide” and HPS “High Pressure Sodium” lighting)





GrowthStar #MMJ MCOB LED Growlight Trials day 29

This video shows the Titan series on left and Spider series on the right, just a quick look around our room.