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Spider 4X day 27: MCOB LED Grow light

Pictures are worth a thousand words my friends.

Day 27 color corrected

If we were making lights for your eyes, we would use this color spectrum


What the Plants want – What your eyes like


Spectrum controlled MCOB Look different from other grow lights

P1070653 P1070656 P1070665 Day 27 raw

MCOB LED Grow lights are transforming LED Horticulture with some amazing results.


Spider 4x Test Day One

P1070040 P1070036

Another of the #LED Growlights

Another of the #LED Growlights

The secret is MCOB

The secret is MCOB

Spent most of the first day hanging the lights, they have a nice wide angle, rare for LED with enough power. they couldn’t run the HID cause it was heating the nutrient solution,  so we used LEDs and the temp came right down.

More fun to come.