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Finish off outdoor Cannibis plants with GrowthStar LED grow lights

Growers have been finishing their outdoor crops for years, some regions just do not have long enough growing seasons and plants grown in containers can be moved indoors to complete flowering cycle. Metal halide and high pressure sodium lighting have been popular indoor grow lights, however heat and power issues prevent “most” people from using HID lighting in their homes. With LED grow lights, you can safely and efficiently cultivate medical cannabis indoors.

“Here are some pictures from a crop that was started outdoors and moved inside on August 15 2012  so about two weeks into flower.yield was 675g from 8 plants extremely high grade 25% + THC. Very happy with product.”


Large and tall plants with well developed buds.



PowerBloom Grow Light Test Video

It’s always great to get feedback and testimonials from our customers about our LED grow lights, in fact I wish more Customers would comment or send in photos. These real-world results are shown for Helping to convince other horticulturists that “GrowthStar” advanced six spectrum LED grow lights really work for flowering of all types of crops

Hey Guys:

Thought I would drop a note to let you know I continue to have good results with the eight module “Powerbloom plus”,have begun to spread the word along,will send new pictures shortly of larger plants that were started outside and finished under Your GrowthStar 8 module LED grow lights.


PowerBloom Test Garden Day 75

75 days of Fresh Food

Unbelievably after only 75 days, we have enjoyed dozens of fresh tomatoes mostly cherry tomatoes and Roma variety. After many salads the lettuce finally peeked out and was harvested and eaten. now the larger tomatoes are starting to fill out. Flavor Is outstanding , don’t forget to wash your Veggies! Even grown indoors the tomatoes were very dirty and needed a quick rinse.

It’s day 75!
Garden is going extraordinarily well
Cherry tomatoes are crazy good and I have made several awesome salads with my lettuce tomatoes and basil
My place smells so fresh and I’m ecstatic with results so far!
All my friends and guests that come over are blown away that I’m making dinner from a garden growing right on my kitchen island!
More to come…