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Medical Grower Approves GrowthStar “PowerBloom” for Marijuana Growing

GrowthStar PowerBloom plus, the LED grow light that was designed for serious hobby growers and gardeners of all kinds. PowerBloom Plus uses 410 nm LEDs for Extra sticky, gooey buds. See the full Video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQ1p7zHaEUc   These photos just in, room had 4 —8 module PowerBloom Plus and 1—250 watt MH (didn’t say why)


LEDs for Supplemental Lighting of Houseplants

LED lights seem to give off a “digital sunlight”, different from normal light sources, in that the light wave itself carries no heat with it. Light from the LED remains cool, preventing tissue damage that would normally occur from UV and IR light spectrum from conventional light sources. Recently I noticed a large ivy vine,


Choosing 1 watt, 3 W or 5 W LEDs for LED grow lights

While searching for LED grow lights you will find three common types of LEDs: large arrays of 1 W LEDs, clusters of 3 W LEDs and some models feature 5 W LEDs. 1 W LEDs are well-suited for shelf growing, or crops like lettuce and spinach and other various herbs green leafy herbs, can only