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Introducing the Scorpion COB Grow Light

  Growthstar Introduces its 600 and 1000 watt HPS replacement specifically for Cannabis / Marijuana, the Scorpion Series LED COB Grow light. Standard COB emitters from the big name brands are designed for one thing only, lighting for human comfort and tasking. 2700k to 10,000k might be great for lighting a warehouse but plants prefer


Are MCOB LED Grow Lights Better than 3 watt or 5 watt LED Arrays?

The real task for LED Growlights or any Horticultural lighting system is to blend the required spectrum without hotspots or UV and IR heat stroke. In the early days arrays were Red and Blue as other spectrum were hard to manufacture. 3 watt LED have been used very successfully for almost a decade now, 5


GStar PowerBloom LED Grow Light now with 5 watt LEDs

New for August 2014 GStar 140 and 280 watt LED Grow Lights with PowerBloom plus complete spectrum mix. twice the canopy penetration over 3 watt LEDs, 50,000 hour rated duty life. Finally a 5 watt grow light that wont break the bank. Available now, only at www. LEDCanada.com       GStar Max 40×5W