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PowerBloom test garden day 50

For the last week, we have been enjoying fresh tomatoes. Taste and turgidity are exceeding our expectations. Those were eaten soon after this photo. Now the big tomatoes are starting to come in. Dense Growth is easily penetrated by our HB-LEDs. There is no question, plants grow great using PowerBloom plus from Growthstar.


Medical Grower Approves GrowthStar “PowerBloom” for Marijuana Growing

GrowthStar PowerBloom plus, the LED grow light that was designed for serious hobby growers and gardeners of all kinds. PowerBloom Plus uses 410 nm LEDs for Extra sticky, gooey buds. See the full Video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQ1p7zHaEUc   These photos just in, room had 4 —8 module PowerBloom Plus and 1—250 watt MH (didn’t say why)


“PowerBloom plus” Test Garden day 41

After only 40 days, the growth is undeniably fantastic, especially since we have used NO fertilizer at all. We have been able to keep the light well above crop height and still achieve excellent light penetration.     Adam’s east facing window provides some natural light, but far from enough to grow vegetables.