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GrowthStarLED.com - LED Grow Bars and Strips from GrowthStar

LED Grow Bars and Strips from GrowthStar

Need lights close to plants and crops? Lettuce, spinach and certain herbs require lower light intensity than strawberries or tomatoes.1 watt LED Grow Bars offer waterproof LED gardening options. Florescent tubes contain mercury and are possible contamination source.

“Shelf Gardening” doesn’t require the same “High Intensity LEDs” as used in Greenhouses and Indoor Grow Rooms. LED Strips and LED Bars are now offering FULL SPECTRUM Fluorescent tube replacements Customizable for Specific Crop Requirements.

NEW 3 watt LED Grow light Bars

3 watt bar 3 watt bar 2Available in PowerBloom Plus or VegMax call 604 339-5058 for details


LED Grow bars may be for you!

LED Grow Bars

Each bar is 4 foot/1 meter, with 44 one watt LEDs comes with waterproof matched power supply. Four spectrum blends to choose from.

For more information, please feel free to contact us or visit LEDCanada.com.

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