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GrowthStarLED.com - PowerBloom plus and PowerBloom LED Grow Lights from GrowthStar

PowerBloom plus and PowerBloom LED Grow Lights from GrowthStar


GrowthStar’s PowerBloom LED Grow Lights

These powerful PowerBloom LED Grow Lights are available in a 6 and eight module designs. While our lights may look similar to other LED grow lights on the market, they use only LEDs within the nanometers(light spectrum) of GrowthStar’s exact specifications. 3 watts, 660 nm LEDs are selected from premium manufacturers, even though the cost is higher than similar “lower quality” LED manufacturers. This superior spectrum blend, is what gives GrowthStar grow lights there impressive yields.



The unique benefits of LED grow lights

  • low power consumption
  • eliminate fire risk
  • eliminate shock hazard
  • minimal temperature increase
  • no environmentally unfriendly substances(non-toxic)
  • directional


The unique benefits of GrowthStar LED grow lights

  • proven thermal management
  • high quality 660 nm LEDs
  • both flowering models include UV (stimulates production of waxes and resins)
  • complete required spectrum coverage for all growing and flowering plants
  • 24 V DC waterproof power supplies are completely safe for damp growing environments
  • replaceable  modules
  • PowerBloom plus has added 660 nm deep red LEDs for intense flowering power


PowerBloom LED Grow Lights

” PowerBloom Plus” 6 Spectrum Blend

PowerBloom LED Grow Lights


Both the Growthstar “PowerBloomand VegMax are available at GrowwithLED.ca

PowerBloom LED Grow Lights

Adjustable Hanging Kit Included

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