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GrowthStarLED.com LED Grow Lights Featured Product: MCOB Spider 4x

LED Grow lights have taken a new turn with powerful MCOB (Multiple Chip on Board) LED can now compare with HID. Each MCOB has 35 carefully selected ‘3 watt’ LED Chips in the same area as a postage stamp. Why is that better? Traditionally LEDs come on a ceramic cup that is placed on  PCBs and finally on a heat sink, MCOB strips the chips and directly bonds them to the heat sink, result: Brighter, Better spectrum blending, Better Thermal Management=Longer life.

Watch as over the next year MCOB chips revolutionize indoor cultivation, the end of the 3 watt arrays is near.

GrowthStar Spider 4X 100 watt MCOBspider - led canada, latest technology in Horticultural lighting

Available at our new online store www.COBGrowLights.com

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Watch the Medical Marijuana MCOB Trials here:

PowerBloom and PowerBloom plus Grow Lights — These powerful PowerBloom LED Grow Lights are available in a 4, 6 and eight module designs. While our lights may look similar to other LED grow lights on the market, they use only LEDs within the nanometers(light spectrum) of GrowthStar’s exact specifications…


Top Quality LED Grow Lights available at our new online store www.cobgrowlights.com/strong>

LEDCanada and GrowthStarLED introduce our new for 2012 LED Grow Lights that finally deliver OUTSTANDING results Now Available! GrowthStar LED Grow lights, “PowerBloom plus” one of the most powerful grow lights available for Indoor Medical Cultivation, at a price much more comparable to HID. “Our VegMax” mix, Mimics the noon day sun. The percentages of certain spectrum and the inclusion of ultraviolet and infrared LEDs has been carefully matched to maximize plant growth and flowering.

If you’d like more information or if you’re interested in purchasing any of these fine products, please feel free to contact us, or visit www.COBGrowLights.com